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Tips for Staying Warm When Snowmobiling

It’s no secret that snowmobiling is one of the most fun activities you can do in the cold and chilly weather. It is not only exciting and fun but relaxing as well. However, you need to be warm when biking because the cold may affect your experience and be a health risk. Therefore, you need to know how the best way of layering for snowmobilers to protects you from the cold and shield you in case of a fall. So, let’s look at the tips to keep you warm as you have fun in the snow.

Choose the Suitable Clothing Materials

dress appropriatelyWhen going out to snowmobile, layering may not be enough. You need to choose a suitable fabric, cotton is great, but it traps moisture and is not fit for this activity. Go for silk, polyester, or any other material that does not trap moisture.

Layer the clothes as much as you can, and you need as much heat as possible. You can do socks, put on long underwear then add a layer of thick clothing. Add a scarf on the neck and a helmet and face mask to protect your face from the cold wind and snow splashes.

Eat Well

Layering may no be enough for snowmobiling if you are not feeding well. Food plays a massive role in keeping your body warm. Take complex carbohydrates and combine them with whole grains. These two food groups break down at high energy, increasing the metabolism rate in your body. The higher the metabolism rate, the more heat your body produces.

Take Enough Fluids

drink lots of fluidsDrinks, especially water, helps your body stay hydrated. Contrary to what many people think, you need water when snowmobiling like any other day. This is because water helps your body in functions like temperature regulation and performance.

Coffee is also excellent as caffeine boosts metabolism. This is because the higher your metabolism, the higher your body temperatures, thus warmth. Try to take some coffee minutes before heading out. Avoid alcohol when snowmobiling as it is not only dangerous but also lowers body temperatures.

Put on a Snowmobile Suit

These suits are ideal as they are waterproof, thus protecting you from wetness. They are uniquely designed to retain warmth and are windproof too. With these suits, you have protection from the wind, cold, and snow particles. The fabric…