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How to Instantly Improve Your Look

It is not an odd phenomenon that people are on a constant lookout for ways to improve their look. Since celebrity life has been their sole guide in deciding what is in and what is out of style, accessories, dresses, leather bags, jewelry, hairstyle, and fashion brands are becoming an integral part of people’s lives. Although it is not always the case, it is safe to conclude that people are becoming more consumptive these days. Indeed, with all the forever-changing trends, fashion enthusiasts often feel the urge to update their fashion collections only to impress others.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your look beyond fashion. These methods are suitable for those who are not a fashionista but still need to look attractive on a daily basis. Remember that these methods are not merely a personal opinion. Studies have proven that focusing more on what you have is way more effective to boost your appearance than concentrating on something you do not have. Thus, below are several effective ways to improve your appearance without having to focus on fashion items.

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Body Posture

Let us all admit that clothes do matter in highlighting the body features. However, it is only half of the entire formula. Instead of focusing on clothes, people should consider the inner aspects like their posture. Having a nice posture does not only affect the way how your clothes make you look more attractive, but it is also a vital part in making people around you perceive you positively. Unfortunately, not all people have this dream posture, and they need to find a way to improve their body structure. Those who sit all day at work may be one of the people who need to fix their body figure.


For some special occasions, makeup is vital. However, it is not the only thing that matters. One thing to highlight is that the skin reflects inner health, and it also plays a significant role in how other people see you. For that reason, taking care of your skin is way more crucial than focusing on covering all the flaws with makeup. Eating more vegetables and fruits also proves to be an excellent way to boost your skin elasticity. Instead of going with your face full of makeup, you should try natural treatments to make your skin healthier. The explanation does not only apply for face skin, but it is also valid for body skin. Having a moist and soft skin is vital as it also affects your emotion.…

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Three Fashion Tips for a Tropical Vacation

Caribbean islands, Tahiti, Maldives, Hawaii, and the Bahamas are among the top tropical destinations for vacations. They are the ideal getaways for travelers who long for the sea breeze and calming whispers of the waves. For fashion nerds, however, going on a retreat is not an excuse to look shabby and unstylish.

The Fabrics

fabric typesBefore we discuss the proper fashion style for a tropical vacation, you have to learn about the fabric types first. Tropical islands are humid, and you will get sweaty quickly there. You should pick a clothing fabric that can circulate air and conceal your sweats well.

If you think that this section is too much to learn, you should imagine this situation. You are visiting Singapore, and you meet some colleagues there. If your outfit can’t handle humid weather, you will embarrass yourself with over perspiration.

Besides, the chances are that you are not going to stop only at one place in Clarke Quay. The riverside view, mall, pubs, and restaurants with international cuisines are all the amenities you can have there. Imagine if you have to explore them while bathing in sweats.

Here is a list of clothing fabrics that suits best with humid weather:

  1. Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Rayon
  4. Denim
  5. Chambray

The Bright and Colorful Tone

stylish on the beachTropical fashion associates strongly with bright and colorful tones. And if you have never worn clothes with a bold color before, your vacation can be the perfect opportunity.

A garment with colored stripes, crochet shorts, bikinis, rompers, tunics, flat sandals, beach wedges, and an embroidery bag are the items you need to include in your travel luggage. You should forget the idea of traveling light if you want to be stylish in a tropical vacation. In this context, less does not mean more because you will need to change your clothes once they get sweaty. And if you bring only a few of them, you will end up with a bunch of smelly outfits.

For men, opting for a colorful style does not mean that you can choose red or green. Navy blue, white, light brown, light gray, and khaki are your safe colors. They can deflect the heat and maintain your body temperature well.

Managing Your Outfits

stuff to packIf you are planning to travel for weeks or even months, you should think about how you are going to deal with your laundry. The good thing about going to tropical islands is that you can wash your clothes by yourself and dry them outside. Therefore, to do so, you need three to five wire hangers and a drybag.

The use of wire hangers is obvious, and you may be wondering the reasons for the drybag. First, the waterproof feature will allow you to store damp clothes without leaving a mess. Second, the seal is also strong enough to prevent the odor of dirty clothes from escaping. Third, the drybag’s design enables you to stuff many items there. If you roll your clothes, an average size drybag can fit up to 30 clothing pieces.…