Ceramic Tile: Viking

Ceramic Tile, 6″x 6″ w/ Cork Backing.

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Viking Power
Mug: Viking Power

Viking Power Mug

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Viking World Tour Front
Mug: Viking World Tour
Mug reads “The Viking World Tour,” followed by countries raided by vikings according to date.
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Carving by Henning Engelsen, #231, Odin, 8.75″ high. Of the Viking Gods, Odin reigned supreme. He was very intelligent and had only one eye. He had two helpers, the ravens Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory), who every day flew … Read More

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Runes Shirt
T-Shirt: Viking Runes

Runes say, “If you can read this you are a viking.”

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Viking Horn Mug
Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Viking Drinking Horn Mug

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Viking med kappe
Viking med Kappe

Carving by Henning Engelsen #251

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Viking Ship Napkins

Luncheon size napkins in a pack of 20

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Viking world tour
Viking World Tour

Viking world tour T-Shirt


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